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At the Gates

Augustus Meleo Bernstein

Compétition Sang Neuf

Ana, a housekeeper from El Salvador, brings her teenage son Nico to help her clean an affluent family’s Los Angeles home. But after someone rings the front gate, her employers, Marianne and Peter Barris, inform them that immigration officers are searching for them and convince the pair to hide in a basement closet, demanding they hand over their cell phones as a safety precaution. As days go by under the same roof, each family begins to question the other’s true intentions.


  • Director
    Augustus Meleo Bernstein
  • Production
    Jhanvi Motla, Paulo Torres & Augustus Meleo Bernstein
  • Script
    Augustus Meleo Bernstein
  • Cinematography
    Alan Torres
  • Editing
    Jacob Ehrlich
  • Music
    Julia Newman


  • Vanessa Benavente
  • Ezekiel Pacheco
  • Miranda Otto
  • Noah Wyle
  • Sadie Stanley


  • Origin
  • Year
  • Duration
  • Languages
    English & Spanish
    with French subtitles


Wono Productions

+1 310 435 45 32

Augustus Meleo Bernstein

He graduated with a degree in cinema studies from the University of Pennsylvania before earning an M.F.A. in directing from the American Film Institute. He then directed three short films: The Unstoppable Billy Greenwood (2014), Dreadspace (2017), and Bombora (2019). At the Gates is his directorial feature debut.


  • 2022
    At the Gates

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