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4th thriller film festival

Chasing Johnny

Baptiste Debraux

Hors compétition

Hors compétition


Saturday 13 April
  • 19:30
    Salle 1
  • 20:00
    Salle 10
  • 21:30
    Salle 11
durée: 1h46
Sunday 14 April
  • 17:30
    Salle 10

Closing Film

Rochebrune is on the edge of chaos. Johnny, leader of the town’s protest movement, has disappeared after robbing a van. When Paul Ligre learns the news, he returns to the town where he grew up, to find his childhood friend before the police do. But Anna Werner’s investigation inevitably leads her to the secret that unites Paul and Johnny…


  • Director
    Baptiste Debraux
  • Production
    Marc Bordure
  • Script
    Baptiste Debraux & Armel Gourvennec
  • Cinematography
    Fabien Benzaquen
  • Editing
    Marion Monnier
  • Music
    Clément Doumic, Raphaël de Pressigny, Antoine Wilson & Sébastien Wolf


  • Bastien Bouillon
  • Léa Drucker
  • Pierre Lottin
  • Marion Barbeau
  • Théo Navarro-Mussy
  • Anne Consigny


  • Origin
  • Year
  • Duration
  • Language
    French with English subtitles



+33 1 40 38 90 53

©️ Fabien Benzaquen

Baptiste Debraux

He grew up in the Ardennes. In 2012, he wrote and directed Brother, his first short film. He then made So Close to My Own (2013) and Lueurs (2018). Chasing Johnny, shot in his native region, is his feature debut.


  • 2024

    Chasing Johnny

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