Wednesday 10 April
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    Salle 1
  • 20:30
    Salle 8
durée: 1h48
Thursday 11 April
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    Salle 8
Friday 12 April
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Saturday 13 April
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Daphna, 41, until recently a promising detective in Tel Aviv, finds herself in small-town Afula, dealing with petty crimes, seeking shades from the heat, and deflecting the intrusive question: “how come you don’t have any children?”. Daphna’s world is shaken by the sudden disappearance of Orly Elimeleh, a captivating army widow known for her beauty and rebellious spirit. Soon enough, a troubling question creeps in: why isn’t anybody looking for her? Fearing the worst, Daphna will stop at nothing in order to solve the mystery.


  • Director
    Maya Dreifuss
  • Production
    Estee Yacov-Mecklberg, Haim Mecklberg, Miléna Poylo, Gilles Sacuto & Alice Bloch
  • Script
    Maya Dreifuss
  • Cinematography
    Amit Yasour
  • Editing
    Nili Feller & Ronit Porat
  • Music
    Pierre Oberkampf


  • Tali Sharon
  • Idan Amedi
  • Sara Von Schwarze
  • Dikla
  • Igal Naor
  • Boaz Konforty
  • Anastasia Fein


  • Origins
    Israel & France
  • Year
  • Duration
  • Language
    Hebrew with French subtitles

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Maya Dreifuss

Born in Israël, she studied at Tel-Aviv University. She wrote and directed her first short film Wax Hurts in 2001. In 2005, she won the 2nd prize from the Cinefondation at Cannes with her second short Visiting Hours. In 2013, she made her feature debut She Is Coming Home. The film won three awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival, including the Award for Best First FiIm, and the Award for Best Supporting Actress at the Israeli Academy Awards. She was then the co-creator and artistic director of Heroine (2016) and Heroine 2 (2020), two anthologies of five female-directed short films. Highway 65 is her second feature film.


  • 2023

    Highway 65

  • 2013

    She is Coming Home

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