Burnt by the sun and by hatred, the promontory of Gargano, in Apulia, is contested by criminals who seem to come from an ancient land, not so different from the far west, where only blood can wash out blood. An old feud between two rival families is rekindled by a forbidden love: the one between Andrea, reluctant heir of the Malatesta, and Marilena, beautiful wife of the boss of the Camporeale clan. A fatal passion that sets the two clans at war again.


  • Director
    Pippo Mezzapesa
  • Production
    Nicolas Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori & Viola Prestieri
  • Script
    Antonella W. Gaeta, Pippo Mezzapesa & Davide Serino
    based on the book by Carlo Bonini & Giuliano Foschini
  • Cinematography
    Michele D’Attanasio
  • Editing
    Vincenzo Soprano
  • Music
    Teho Teardo


  • Elodie
  • Francesco Patanè
  • Francesco Di Leva
  • Lidia Vitale
  • Brenno Placido
  • Tommaso Ragno
  • Michele Placido


  • Origin
  • Year
  • Duration
  • Languages
    Italian & Apulian dialect
    with French subtitles

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Pippo Mezzapesa

Born in 1980 in Bitonto, he studied law at the University of Bari. He started his career in cinema as an autodidact by directing short films. In 2004, his short Zinanà won the David Di Donatello Award for Best Short Film. He then directed documentary films such as Pinuccio Lovero, presented at the 2007 Critics’ Week, before making his feature debut in 2011 with Annalisa. His second feature, My Own Good, was shot in Apulia, his native region, as his previous films and his third one Burning Hearts.


  • 2022
    Burning Hearts
  • 2018
    My Own Good
  • 2011

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