Al Pacino as a man whose plan to rob a bank to pay for his partner's sex change operation goes awry in Sidney Lumet's fact-based thriller "Dog Day Afternoon" (1975). Photo: Courtesy of Warner Home Video
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4th thriller film festival

Dog Day Afternoon

Sidney Lumet

Second Souffle

Three amateurs bank robbers plan to hold up a bank. But the supposedly uncomplicated heist goes awry and the panicked robbers take the bank employees hostage.

  • Director
    Sidney Lumet
  • Production
    Martin Bregman & Martin Elfand
  • Script
    Frank Pierson


  • Origin
  • Copy
    Restored version
  • Year
  • Duration
  • Language
    English with French subtitles


  • Al Pacino
  • John Cazale
  • Charles Durning
  • James Broderick
  • Chris Sarandon

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