Reims Polar


Daniel Bandeira


Teresa and her husband go to the family’s farm to get away from the urban violence. But they face a workers’ revolt, who found out about their plans to sell the property. Teresa locks herself up in an armored car but cannot start the engine. The workers try to communicate and to take her outside by force. The steel separating those two universes might not be strong enough to contain the fear and violence growing…


  • Director
    Daniel Bandeira
  • Production
    Kika Latache & Livia de Melo
  • Script
    Daniel Bandeira
  • Cinematography
    Pedro Sotero
  • Editing
    Matheus Farias
  • Music
    Caio Domingues & Nicolau Domingues


  • Malu Galli
  • Zuleika Ferreira
  • Tavinho Teixeira
  • Samuel Santos
  • Edilson Silva
  • Ane Oliva
  • Luana Vitória


  • Origin
  • Year
  • Duration
  • Language
    Portuguese with french subtitles

World Sales

Loco Films

+33 6 49 31 06 68

Daniel Bandeira

Born in 1979 in Recife, Brazil, he started in the audiovisual sector through his production company Símio Filmes, while working as an editor with several directors from Recife’s cinema wave, such as Kleber Mendonça Filho, Camilo Cavalcanti and Gabriel Mascaro. In 2007, he wrote, produced, and directed his feature debut Amigos de Risco. He then made several shorts and edited some other films like Marcelo Pedroso’s Brasil S/A, for which he won the Best Editing Award at the 2014 Brasília Film Festival. Property is his second feature film.


  • 2023
  • 2007
    Amigos de Risco

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