Reims Polar

The Bone Breakers

Vincenzo Pirrotta


Inside an old warehouse on the outskirts of Palermo, a group of people crush a man’s arm with a trolley full of gym weights. This is the modus operandi of an improvised criminal organization that, after mutilating the limbs of consenting victims, simulates fake accidents to collect large insurance prices, of which only a small part goes to the victims. Vincenzo recruits them from the miserable people who live in the streets of the city, the same streets on which Luisa, a frail 25-years-old girl, lives. She will eventually find shelter with him…


  • Director
    Vincenzo Pirrotta
  • Production
    Attilio De Razza & Nicola Picone
  • Script
    Vincenzo Pirrotta, Ignazio Rosato, Salvo Ficarra & Valentino Picone
  • Cinematography
    Daniele Ciprì
  • Editing
    Agathe Cauvin
  • Music
    Alessio Bondì, Fabio Rizzo & Aki Spadaro


  • Vincenzo Pirrotta
  • Selene Caramazza
  • Ninni Bruschetta
  • Giovanni Calcagno
  • Filippo Luna
  • Rory Quattrocchi
  • Simona Malato
  • Luigi Lo Cascio


  • Origin
  • Year
  • Duration
  • Languages
    Italian & Sicilian
    with french subtitles

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Vincenzo Pirrotta

Born in Palermo, he graduated from the National Institute of Ancient Drama of Syracuse, then worked as a stage actor and playwright. His opera productions include collaborations with the Rome Opera House and the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. He won numerous awards, such as the Best Director Award for his production of Pirandello’s “The Rite of the Lord of the Ship”. For the big screen, his acting credits include Mario Martone’s We Believed (2010), Matteo Rovere’s The First King (2018), Roberto Ando’s The Stolen Caravaggio (2018) or Marco Bellocchio’s The Traitor (2019). The Bone Breakers is his feature directional debut.


  • 2022
    The Bone Breakers

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