Reims Polar
4th thriller film festival

Meet them during the festival !

French Connection

Tribute to French crime films

You can meet those guests of honor throughout the festival. French directors and actors will be introducing films.

Wednesday April, 5th

5.30 pm – Cédric Kahn will introduce ROBERTO SUCCO (2001)


Tuesday April, 6th

3.00 pm – Thierry de Peretti will introduce UNDERCOVER (2022)

6.00 pm – Dominik Moll will introduce HARRY, HE’S HERE TO HELP (2000)

7.30 pm – Tribute to French crime films Ceremony in the presence of twelve French directors and actors


Friday April, 7th

10.00 am – Yann Gozlan will introduce BURN OUT (2017)

11.00 am – Frédéric Tellier will introduce SK1 (2014)

2.30 pm – Vincent Lindon will introduce THE APPARITION (2018), directed by Xavier Giannoli


Saturday April, 8th

10.00 am – Patricia Mazuy will introduce SATURN BOWLING (2022)

2.30 pm – Olivier Marchal will introduce BORDERLINE (2015)

Thrilling encounters

Thrilling encounters will be free and open to the public within the limits of available seats!


Cédric Jimenez’s Cinema Lesson

The President of the Jury Cédric Jimenez will give a cinema lesson on Friday April, 7th at 4.00 pm.


Elsa Zylberstein’s Acting Class

The actress Elsa Zylberstein will give an acting class on Friday April, 7th at 5.30 pm.


Olivier Assayas’ Cinema Lesson

The director Olivier Assayas will give a cinema lesson on Tuesday April, 6th at 5.30 pm.

Potrait of Elsa Zylberstein
© Olivier Vigerie
© Olivier Vigerie

Claude Chabrol Prize

The award-winning filmmaker Sébastien Marnier will introduce his favorite film directed by Claude Chabrol, WEDDING IN BLOOD (1973), on Saturday April, 8th at 5.00 pm.